Make a Geometric Accent Wall

The accented walls are a classic way of adding a modern style to a space. They are usually defined by a bright color that is then reflected in small accents around the room. But you can add another dimension to this popular decorating trend by using a geometric accent wall.

This style is what it looks like: use a form of geometry to enhance the style of the accent wall itself. It could come from the shape of the wall, the style in which the wall is painted or even three-dimensional drawings. Take a look below to learn how to bring your accent wall to a new level.

Rainbow geometric accent wall

Even if you do not have a strange shaped wall, the geometry can come from the painted style of the wall itself. The accent walls usually have a color, but the drawing of the photo above proves that they do not have to be. The wild geometric painting work uses a wide range of colors and shades.

This wall of bold geometric accent is particularly suitable for a child’s room, although the style can also be inserted in an artistic, bohemian or eclectic space.

Three-dimensional accent wall

You can not get more geometry than a three-dimensional wall design. The style above is an excellent example, incorporating both texture and color into the design. This creates an accent wall that defines a specific color for the rest of the space, with the red in the wall reflected in the art and two dining chairs.

What really makes this remarkable geometric accent wall, however, are the different shades of red on the accent wall. Without them, the different dimensions of red may not be so visible. Multiple shades make each piece of three-dimensional design pop, solidifying it as the focal point of the piece.

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